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JJ and the Princess Girls

Saturday, January 25, 2014

2110 Kensington Park Circle

Here are the pictures of our new house.  These pictures are from the real estate website so it is all the previous owners' furniture and décor. 
I am working on decorating and filling the house so I haven't really taken my own pictures.
Front of house
We have already removed the huge bush thing
Front door

Front room. 
We don't have a grand piano, so it currently is empty.

Dining Room
We don't have neat eaters (white carpet in a dining room?)
so its currently a playroom.

Living room
We bought a brown leather sectional because we though theirs looked good
We also have a clock where they do.

Butler's Pantry.
The other side is a closet with shelves where we keep our food.
We have a buffet in this spot.

They took their island.  Someday I hope to have one.

Eating area in the kitchen

Half Bathroom on main level

Bonus room upstairs
We use it as a play room / tv room for the girls
(yes that would be 2 playrooms in our house)

Upstairs hallway

Master bedroom

This is Ariel and Arianna's room.
We plan to paint this very dark brown very soon

Annabelle's room
She loves the desk

Girls' bathroom
We also plan to paint this very dark brown very soon

Landing on the steps

Master bathroom
the toilet is on the other side of the shower wall
The huge closet is across from the sink
The people who lived here had a ton of furniture.  We are slowly but surely filling the house and decorating it.    Everything is really great and we only have to paint 2 rooms.


  1. You should TOTALLY check IKEA for an island. You can probably get a really great one there for a good price and you have 4 kids; two playrooms is a must :)

  2. Rivulet I was just going to say the same thing!! 2 playrooms sounds awesome!