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JJ and the Princess Girls

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beach Fun

I thought it would be fun to go play at the beach Sunday evening.  Annabelle started school Monday so I thought one more really summery thing would be great.
We loaded up sand toys, towels, and the girls and headed to the State Park.

Annabelle ran into the water right away!

The girls had fun "digging" a hole. 
I didn't get a lot of pictures of Annabelle because she was either in the water or behind me collecting shells.

Ariel could play forever in the sand!

She wanted to be buried, but ended up not liking.  The second time, James had her sit on her knees so she could get up easier.

Sweet Sisters!

How cute is this girlie?

She liked throwing sand the best.  Annabelle's head is proof. 

She didn't like her "sticky" hands.  She couldn't figure out why they got sandy even after she rinsed them.

Back in the waves.

Overall, this was a fun thing to do, but I've got my fill of the beach until next year.  We went once in the spring and just played in the sand.  This time the girls wore bathing suits and got wet.  I prefer just playing in the sand - it brushes off much easier.
I brought clothes for the girls to change into in the van.  When they changed, I realized I should have saved all the sand and fill a sand box.  There was so much sand in their suits.  The best part is that I had only vacuumed out the van the week before. 
Once we got home, the girls went right into the tubby - except Arianna because she fell asleep on the way home (not sure if this was a good or bad thing).  I washed Annabelle's hair and there was so much sand from Arianna dumping it on her head.  I don't think I even got it all out.
The next day I had to wash Arianna's sheets because they were full of sand since she never got rinsed off.
The beach is pretty and fun, but this is what I prefer
 A fun refreshing, clean time at a pool!

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