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JJ and the Princess Girls

Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun with Ice!

I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course) and thought the girls would love it.
I took a bunch of our little toys and covered them with water and froze it.
Once it was frozen I let the girls work at trying to get the little toys out.
They used shovels, water, and throwing to try and get the toys out.
They loved it!

Arianna found a piece and thought it was a popsicle.

Monday, May 13, 2013

I Grew Bangs

Awhile ago I noticed something weird going on with my hair. 
I'm not the best at doing my hair, but I can calm it down.
I couldn't figure out what these frizzy pieces were doing or where they came from.
I finally realized that I had grown some bangs.  Most people cut bans - but I had actually grown them.
From the beginning I had been straightening them so they would lay flat.
Apparently I had fried them and they just wanted to stick out.
I asked my hairstylist friend, Rebecca, what was going on. 
She immediately knew that I had been straightening them. 
I loved that she knew what was going on with my hair right away, so I went to her to get my hair trimmed.
It had been doing something really strange, and I couldn't get it to lay right.
I had gotten it cut at a really nice salon, but when Rebecca cut it she noticed that one side was 2 inches longer than the other.  No wonder I was struggling to get it right.
She gave me some heat protector for my hair, so hopefully that will help.
My bangs have grown a little more now.  I'm not a bang person, so I can't wait until I can tuck them behind my ear.