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Friday, July 26, 2013

Catching Up - 11 Things Going on with the McRae Family

My computer has been fussy and not letting me upload photos.
So now that it is I am going to play catch up.

1.  We announced we are having our 4th baby.  We are due January 3, but my little babes are really excited to see me and come about a month early!
2.  We put our condo for sale for the second time.  Having another baby prompted us to do so before we had planned, but 4 children in one room really doesn't work (3 in one room really doesn't work).
If you recall, we had it for sale a couple years ago.  After a year of lots of showings and zero offers we decided it wasn't the time to sell and took it off the market.
This time we had it for sale for 12 days, had 11 showings, and 1 offer, which we accepted with little negotiations. 
The houses we were looking at the first time would not have been a great fit for our growing family.  Pretty cool how the Lord kept us from buying the wrong house. 
3.  We put in offer in this house thinking it was the perfect one for us.  It needed a bit of work, but it had the space I was dreaming of.  After submitting our offer we got word that the owner (who hasn't lived here for 1 year) rejected 2 almost full price offers and raised his price $20,000.  We didn't want to go that high because of all the work we felt we would need to do (Kelly green tubs and sinks just aren't my style).
4.  We were getting frustrated with the lack of houses to look at.  James took a half day of work and we looked at a bunch of houses.  We really like one in Hudsonville and were really considering it.  I had sent our realtor a house that I was maybe interested in.  It didn't have everything I wanted on paper, but we decided since we had the time we might as well go look at it.  That evening we decided to put an offer in.  They accepted it!!!
We close on our condo and our new home on August 15. 
Here is what my new kitchen looks like.  I will share more photos and info about the house later.
5.  Annabelle and Ariel are doing gymnastics for a couple weeks.  They are really enjoying it and having lots of fun.  Annabelle has class from 1:00-2:00 and then Ariel goes from 2:00-2:45.  We are there for awhile, but Arianna is actually doing really well waiting for them.  We bring a snack, books, and the mini dvd player.
6.  We had Annabelle's Open House/Ice Cream Social for school.  She starts August 5 and is so excited to get back.  She has only been off since June 28, but she really misses school.  I kind of do to because it forces you to have a schedule, which I really like.  she goes to a year round school so she only has July off.  We do get breaks throughout the year, which is really quite nice.
14 weeks - There is a little bit there, but not a lot.  However, Annabelle did ask me why my tummy was so big when the baby was so small.  Thanks girl!

17 Weeks - This is today.  I am definitely showing now.  I still like to wear more of a looser top when I go places though because it doesn't  look like a baby quite yet.  I am still quite sick.  I'm thinking I will maybe feel better in about 3 weeks.  At least not getting sick every morning.  I almost forget what its like to feel good.  Its worth it though and its not like I didn't know I was going to be sick.  I just remind myself that if I'm sick the baby is doing well.

7 weeks - I'm not showing yet and I am quite sick.

12 weeks - I am starting to show.  I am carrying high, which is consistent with the girls.  I don't mind this at all because it allows me to wear my own pants for quite awhile.  Still quite sick.
7.  A little view of our growing baby.
Not sure why I can't get them in a better order.
8.  My baby is looking so big.  Wasn't she just my little 5 pound peanut?  In just a few short weeks she will be a 2 year old.  Moving on from the nursery, almost potty trained, climbing out of her crib, and talking non stop.  I sure that little sweetie girl.
9.  Ariel is our spunky little girl who continues to make us laugh and double check what she is up to.  She loves to climb anything, trees, toys, people.  She will be starting her second year of preschool in the fall and is so excited.  She loves school so much.  She is a great big sister to Arianna.  She will often get Arianna involved in something such as sleepover, babies, playing house or kitchen.  She also loves to play outside with Annabelle.
10.  Annabelle loves to play outside as much as possible.  The girls love to play with rocks and dig in the dirt.  She took swimming lessons and is now basically a little fish.  She does get a little bored at home (who can blame her, I spend a lot of time laying on the couch) so she has been going to daycare with Ariel (instead of Arianna going) once a week.  Sharon takes them to the beach and does tons of fun activities with the kids.  She has really enjoyed playing with her friends.

11.  In just a few days we will celebrate our 8th anniversary.  Its pretty wonderful being married to James.  He is a hard worker, great daddy, and wants what is best for his family.  Its pretty great having a husband with such great character (and great looks too!)
Well that's all for now.  I'm impressed if you stayed on through the entire post. 
Stay tuned as I attempt to try on my wedding dress next week.  We'll see how close I come to squeezing into it. 

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